Welcome to my portfolio

In the galleries below you will find the images I'm most satisfied with in different genres, for the moment.

Välkomna till min portfolio. I gallerierna nedan kommer ni att hittar bilderna jag är mest nöjd med i respektive genrer. För er som läser svenska rekommenderar jag ett besök i bloggen. Lite tankar, fler bilder, inte så värst pretto


Sweet water, lakes and ponds

It's a fine line between sweet water and woodland photography. But if it was easy, anyone could do it


Oceans, seascape, coastal views

Call it what you like, if it contains salt water, you'll find it here


Winter, spring, summer, fall

Looking for the first flower of spring? Summers first Magnolia flower? You just might find it here


Border country

The border country where the rural community fades in to nature... The place that still makes sense!

Around the house

Close to home

Images that comes as a surprise when you grab your camera and goes for a walk around the block



Finding my creative style

The images are primarily meant for my own evaluation. When trying to hone my style it helps to be able to see the images here. You, my beloved audience, are of course welcome

(Results and styles may vary wildly)